www.lugaresdeturismo.com continually strives to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. Data about you that we obtain when you visit this site or interact with us is yours and we will not be misused for purposes outside of your consent. Privacy policy we describe here detailing our commitment concerning the collection, storage and use of your personal data. This policy may change from time to time your visit, please return to this page to see if there has been a change:

1. Collection of Data and Information

We collect or process specific data as part of the management of this site, among which are:

• Information about your visit (frequency, number of years, the page is loaded, etc.), along with resources that you use as data location (IP address), operating system, browser, etc.

• Forms filled out on our website for the purposes of consultation, assessment, communication, online shopping, etc.

2. Use of cookies

A Cookie is a means to identify your computer. If you do not turn off the cookie facility, it is helpful to use common data gathering. A Cookie will be downloaded automatically to your computer without prompting, which is then stored on Your hard-disk, where the file is transferred to us for information that helps us improve the quality of our sites and services to you.

That thing we do with statistical analysis of visits, which identifies what things preferred foods and not preferred foods visitors, what makes them again, what seems to interfere with the performance of the site, etc. The information was public in nature and will not identify who you are in detail.
However, you can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings (browser settings) you are using. Please disable cookies if you wish.

3. Double Click DART Cookie

Google is a third party that we use in displaying advertisements on www.lugaresdeturismo.com. This site is using a program from Google Adsense with provisions that are already listed at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/ads/

Google’s use of cookies in their advertising that enables it to serve ads on this site or other sites. Maybe the advertisements that appear to relate to the content of our content but may also be of the cookies stored on your browser.

We have no control over the type of ads that are displayed and tracking visitors from the DART Cookie system is fully set forth in the Google Privacy policy.

4. Use and storage of information

• Processing request consultation, ordering goods, the demand for cooperation, dl in accordance with the intention and purpose of the charging of your form. You can contact us at any time to remove or modify the data filled in the form, in part or in whole.

• We only use the information of your intent, or request your consent.

• We may use your information to contact when there are things that require your response to fix/change our service.

• We will not give your data to third parties or allow third parties to use your data, for any purposes, without your consent in advance.

• The Data you provide to us will be stored in a safe place and can only be opened by those who have the authorization to do so.

• When required by law, we may have to provide information about you to authorized parties.

4. Third party Links

This privacy policy does not cover links (links) to third party sites, except for Google Adsense. You need to read the privacy policies of each of them. We are not liable or responsible for what is done by a third party after you have left this site and their privacy policies.

5. Contact us

We welcome questions, comments, or feedback about our privacy policy. Please contact us via the contact page.